Chemistry in Action - V4

Chemistry in Action – V4 is an NPC focussed on inspiring and igniting learner passion for science and science-related subjects in schools across Africa. We have developed a box set (CIA kit) of curriculum aligned chemical experiments that Grade 8 & 9 learners can do themselves and make an informed decision about pursuing a career in science.

Helping each learner experience the wonders of Chemistry for themselves!

  • Grades 8 and 9 can conduct their own chemistry experiments and thereby improve their knowledge and interest in chemistry.
  • The toolkit contributes to eliminating the disadvantage of lack of laboratories in most South African schools.
  • By virtue of its design and instruction also eliminates any skill or experience shortcomings on the part of anyone supervising or teaching the class.
  • Can be produced in multiple languages, thereby supporting government initiatives to have pupils taught in their mother tongue.

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Pilot Study at Gauteng Schools

The CiA Team

We have a dynamic team of individuals ranging from recently qualified graduates to stalwarts within industry. The competencies of the team cover all aspects to run a successful business i.e., Strategy, Technical, Operations, Finance, Marketing, Graphic Design, Logistics and Administration. All team members have a common objective, to make a difference in the education sector of South Africa.

Collaborate with us

Help us ensure that every student has access to the best quality education to enable them to make informed career choices. Let’s work together to produce more Science professionals from the African continent and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals intended to transform our world for the future!